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A shy person who wants to find something to fight for.

Residing: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Birthday: April 16th


If you need help with empty Trades or some data caughts, I'm the guy next door. ;)

About PMs (both in-game and on the Forum): go straight to the point, be as direct as possible. I will not respond until you tell me the reason why you contacted me.

If you want to look at my boxes, here's a little caption of what you will encounter:

1-4 boxes = top tier battle Pokémon

5-8 boxes = useable Pokémon

9th box = shinies (though there's not many in there XD)

10-12 boxes = bridges for Egg Move purposes

13rd box = Pokémon hunters

14th box = good Pokémon handpicked from my huntings

from the 15th box onwards = all Pokémon that's left from my huntings

Status Updates

some Gen 1 Pokémon for Tournament and some past-Event Pokémon here => My Mart

Marcos-san · Wednesday, 18th Jan 2023, 15.39

some Pokémon from X-mas Event, highlighting a recently caught defensive Skarmory (w/ some essential moves in it)!

Marcos-san · Wednesday, 28th Dec 2022, 16.26

Check it right here: => My Mart

Marcos-san · Wednesday, 28th Dec 2022, 16.27

Some average Pokémon from X-mas Event, go check at My Mart before they expire!

Marcos-san · Tuesday, 27th Dec 2022, 03.27

100k sellings at My Mart!

Marcos-san · Saturday, 24th Dec 2022, 14.06

My Mart

Marcos-san · Tuesday, 20th Dec 2022, 14.48

My Mart last hours to get good and average Pokémon with a cheap price!

Marcos-san · Friday, 25th Nov 2022, 21.38


  • JoinedSunday, 21st Feb 2016, 15.42
  • Last Active6 hours, 7 minutes ago
  • Gametime3609 hours, 57 minutes
  • EmailNot available
  • Money2,430,079 Pd
  • Tokens1,275 Tk
  • GuildEcruteaksGhosts

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